Linen: The fabric of Summer

Nothing is as clean, as crisp,and represents summer flair as a linen garment. Linen has once again been gaining ground as a fabric of choice for the summer seasons suiting’s and casual wear. Linen may be the oldest body covering in the book of Luke he referred to  a” certain rich man which was clothed in purple and fine Linen, and fared sumputuously everyday”.  Linen was woven into garments in Egypt for centuries, it comes from the flax plant which grows all over the Mediterranean and, Central Asia. Flax is  tall reed like plant with long fibers which make it easy to spin into thread. Linen is very absorbent and garments made from it are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Line fabric has poor elasticity and does not spring back readily, explaining why it wrinkles so easily. The fabrics have a high natural luster, their natural color ranges between shades of ivory, ecru, tan or grey. Pure white linen is created by heavy bleaching. Linen can absorb a fair amount of moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp to the skin, unlike cotton. This fabric is  perfect to maintain a certain carefree elegance this summer, a blazer paired with cotton pants,a refined polo and calfskin sneakers would add a touch of distinction to your summer evenings. So here we are in the season of heat and humidity where everything becomes relaxed….. everything but your style. A gentleman should have a wardrobe as cool as the days are hot.

“Relax everything but your Style”

- Michael Blake