IMG_0547Why Made -To -Measure?

How uncomfortable does a man feel wearing a suit that doesn’t fit quite right, or one that doesn’t completely match his personality or the image he wants to project, or on the other hand think about opening your closet and easily picking out the right shirt and suit and knowing every detail is just the way you like it, the sleeves of your shirt are not to short or to long, the collar is not to snug because you know you will have to wear it all day, The jacket of your suit drapes perfectly on your body like it was made just for you… because it was. Think about how confident you’ll feel when you go to the office and meet your client and close a deal thats been held up for months. Maybe the suit and shirt had nothing to do with the close, but its the confidence you felt because you looked smart and could concentrate without distraction. The higher the ladder a man climbs the more important his wardrobe become. The value of a suit must not be expressed ostentatiously but with understated elegance thats required in higher circles.

There are two reasons why a man eschews ready to wear, either he wants something he can’t find on the racks or he will get a better fit from a more individualized garment. Made-To-Measure is the system devised to produce a custom fit without the highest investment in time and money. Made-To-Measure garments are cut from standard patterns that have been modified to serve the individual customer. Numerous fabric choices are available along with silk linings, pocket choices and stitching details. Made to Measure affords the wearer the luxury of choice and individuality..