Hallmarks of a Quality Dress Shirt One wardrobe essential is the dress shirt. The recent burst of interest in men’s style and a renewed love of classic aesthetics, and techniques has enabled men to become more aware of their image and personal styles, catapulting menswear essentials to a never before seen level of recognition and demand. Shirts now have more importance in a man’s attire; whereas suits, jackets, overcoats and shoes have always held a predominate place. Shirts were often overlooked as only a background or complement to the look. With the resurgence of the shirt we would like to touch on a few points of a quality. Fabrics : Although fabrics are the core element of a quality shirt, we would like to point out the details that go into the construction of a premium dress shirt. Made-to-Measure is the system devised to produce a custom fit. MTM garments are cut from a standard pattern that have been modified to serve the individual. With 20 different measurements taken the wearer will have a more personalized, and precise garment. Construction: If you pick one of your favorite dress shirts from your wardrobe (one with a pattern) take a look at the collar, yoke, gussets, and hemline. An easy way to check the quality is how well the pattern of a checked or striped shirt is lined up. Matching the fabric pattern in the shoulder to sleeve, yoke and pockets demand great skill of the manufacturer and is only achieved by an experienced professional who knows how to assemble a shirt. Collar: The collar is the most striking feature on a shirt and is usually visible at all times therefore it is crucial to choose the right style for your face and wardrobe. MTM shirts offer endless variations of collars styles. Collars are generally made from two pieces of fabric: top and bottom with some interlining in between. These layers can be held together by heating and gluing them (fused) or simply sewing them. Yoke: The yoke is the back part of the shirt that connects the neck and shoulders and may come in many varieties of shapes and patterns depending on the model. Commonly the yoke is made of one piece of fabric. However on custom shirts it makes sense to have a split yoke so the varying degree of shoulders can be accommodated correctly, also a split yoke can help to match the shirt pattern and sleevehead. Gusset: A gusset is a triangular piece of fabric sewn in where the side seam meets the hem of the shirt. It add extra strength to a high stress area. Shirts have evolved from an undergarment, and today are worn as a statement piece in their own right. So these details help you make sure your making saying the right thing.